PTA Association meetings:

#1 - August 29th 

#2 - February 7th at 9:15am

#3 - April 3rd at 9:15am 


We meet THREE times a year as an association:

#1 - The first is in the Fall at Back to School Night. There we vote on the budget and activities for the school year. 

#2 - The second time we meet is in February, when we elect and vote on the nominating committee to find qualified candidates to fill the executive board positions. We also ratify our bills and adopt our mid-year audit.


#3 - The last time we meet in March/April is to elect our incoming board and ratify our bills again. We also release funds for the summer work.


We would appreciate it if you please make the time to participate in these three meetings. Thank you!


Board Meetings are held monthly for the executive board to address needs and programs for the upcoming month. To find out when the next Board meeting is, please email

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